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Eaton 9SX (5-11kVA) UPS

Eaton 9SX (5-11kVA) UPS

Network and Server

Eaton 9SX (5-11kVA) UPS. Online double conversion UPS.

The Eaton 9SX UPS offers high availability, flexibility and advanced protection for infrastructure, industrial, medical, IT, networking, storage and telecom. Delivering on-line double conversion protection in versatile Rack/Tower format with up to 95% efficiency.


  • Performance and Efficiency:

• Double-conversion topology. The Eaton 9SX constantly monitors power conditions and regulates voltage and frequency.

• With up to 95% efficiency in online double-conversion mode the 9SX provides the highest efficiency level in its class to reduce energy & cooling costs.

• With a 0.9 power factor the 9SX delivers 28% more power than UPS in its class. It powers more servers than other UPSs with equivalent VA ratings and lower power factors.


  • Manageability:

• The new graphical LCD provides clear information on the UPS’s status and measurements on a single screen. Enhanced configuration capabilities are also available.
• The 9SX can meter energy consumption. kWh values can be monitored using the LCD or Eaton’s Intelligent Power. 



• Load segment control enables prioritised shutdowns of nonessential equipment to maximize battery runtime for critical devices.
• The 9SX offers Serial, USB and relay (4 dry contacts) connectivity, plus an extra slot for an optional card (Modbus, Network or Relay). 9SX also provides Remote Power off function. Eaton’s Intelligent Power Software is included with each UPS.


  • Availability and Flexibility:  

• The internal bypass allows service continuity in case of internal fault. Batteries are hot-swappable from the front panel without powering down critical systems.

• With its rack/tower versatile form factor the 9SX can be installed in any environment (rack kit provided as standard on RT versions).

• Stronger, longer battery life: Eaton ABM battery management technology uses an innovative three-stage charging technique that extends battery life by up to 50%.

• More runtime can be added with up to 12 external hotswappable battery modules, able to run systems for hours if necessary. The additional battery modules are automatically  recognized by the UPS.


  • Приложения:

• Infrastucture, Industrial and Medical
• IT, Networking, Storage and Telecom

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