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Eaton Blade UPS

Eaton Blade UPS

Data Center and Facility 3 Phase UPS( Eaton )

Eaton Blade UPS 12–60kW. The power quality solution that simply grows with your needs.

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  • Eaton BladeUPS allows you to optimise capital expenditure by allowing a ‘design for demand’ approach through modular and scalable technology.

This allows the data centre to scale uninterruptible power quality in line with business growth. The flexibility of BladeUPS offers you the choice of utilizing your power protection and distribution in multiple differentconfigurations in the data centre. BladeUPS Remote Power Distribution Modules (RPMs) can be attached to a single BladeUPS or to a parallel system – and be located directly in the rack with IT equipment – to distribute power directly to your servers. Eaton Enclosure Power Distribution Units (ePDUs) can be used to distribute the power from either one BladeUPS or multiple RPMs, directly into the rack. Eaton ePDUs offer Intelligent Power® distribution, to provide a highly accurate level of monitoring and control of rack power distribution.


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Simply scalable:

• Optimize capital expenditure. Modular, scalable units allow you to grow your capacity as required 
• Rack-mountable units designed for the data center, with12kW 6U and up to 60kW N+1 in a single 42U rack


  • Highly flexible:

• Multiple configurations including power protection in each rack, centralised protection, zone protection or hybrid as required
• If your needs change or you need to move your IT equipment, simply redeploy and re-use BladeUPS elsewhere


  • Highly efficient:

• Optimize operational expenditure – 98% efficiency, with 65% less heat dissipation and 70% reduction in footprint
• Utilize available power for your IT equipment, rather than for your base infrastructure
• Designed for the data center – to ensure maximum uptime and maximum efficiency


  • Приложения:

• Small, medium and large data centers

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