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Eaton Connected

Eaton Connected

Data Center and Facility 3 Phase UPS( Eaton )

Eaton Connected - the all-in-one solution for power distribution and UPS backup power.

  • Two products – one solution.

Every one of your UPS applications requires Low Voltage power distribution. This not only connects the UPS to the relevant critical loads, but also ensures the safe and reliable operating environment that’s essential for your mission critical applications. Traditionally, meeting your needs for a UPS and the associated switchgear meant sourcing, installing and connecting two independent products. But now, Eaton Connected provides a pre-designed, pre-connected, combined solution that unites two proven products. Eaton has state of the art proven solutions across both UPS and power distribution and now Eaton Connected brings them together.


  • xEnergy Main Switchgear can now be combined with either Power Xpert 9395P UPS or Eaton 93PM UPS, to provide in one solution:

• Incoming feeder
• Maintenance bypass
• UPS solution
• Outgoing feeders


  • The result is combined power distribution and UPS back-up power solution, that is safe, fast, flexible, reliable – and all-in-one


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Safety and availability

The Eaton Connected solution combines all the elements you would expect to maximize availability for your critical loads – in one predesigned package. Minimized unplanned downtime is ensured through:

• Maintenance bypass
• Back feed protection
• Predetermined overcurrent protection settings
• Hot sync technology


  • Modularity for scalability:

• It also enables customers to invest in only the scale of solution they need to meet their current need. Then, when more power or more feeders are required, the amount of backed-up power can be increased accordingly, simply by adding more xEnergy Main switchgear and more Eaton 93PM or Power Xpert 9395P power modules.
• Reduce your cost of ownership. 

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