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Murrelektronik ECO RAIL 2

Murrelektronik ECO RAIL 2

ECO RAIL 2 захранвания

Eco-Rail-2 power supply units offer manufacturers of machinery and control cabinets the possibility to supply power to their consumers flexibly and economically. These units provide basic functionality and help to monitor the overall costs in the control cabinet.

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• Cost effi ciency through an excellent priceperformance ratio
• Worldwide use, UL certified
• Flexibility due to the range of versions and adjustable output voltage
• Excellent holdup time up to 130 milliseconds
• Practical handling during installation and commissioning


  • номинално входно напрежение:

- 100...240 V AC up to 5A
- 90...132 V AC/173...264 V AC for 10 and 20A

  • съвместимост на мрежовата система: TN, TT, IT
  • номинално изходно напрежение: 24Vdc
  • работна температура: -25°C…+55°C (-13 … 130°F)
  • работна височина: 0...2000 m (6561.6 ft)
  • сертификати на продукти:

- CE marking
- UL approved

  • съответствие със стандарти:

- IEC/EN 60950-1
- IEC/EN 61204-3
- IEC/EN 61000-3-2

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