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Schneider Electric EcoStruxure Maintenance Advisor

Schneider Electric EcoStruxure Maintenance Advisor

Platform for Condition Based Maintenance

EcoStruxure Maintenance Advisor provides early insight into abnormal asset conditions allowing maintenance staff to act before a failure occurs

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•  Real-time, automated condition monitoring for earlier insight into emerging abnormal conditions
•  Faster, automated diagnostics to understand potential causes and the ability to review historical data for better maintenance decisions
•  Clear and concise alerts with recommendations and better context around the status of the asset and the criticality of its condition enable smarter, faster decisions
•  Common look and feel dashboard for plant-wide assets for better ease of use and improved user experience
•  Mobility brings plant to maintenance... wherever they are
•  Embedded workflow and ability to be integrated with major ERP systems streamline maintenance processes, eliminates paperwork and improves organizational effectiveness
•  Integrates near real-time asset health conditions from intelligent assets and manual data collected using Mobile Operator Rounds


  • Benefits:

• Detect and avoid asset failures
• Shorten time to schedule shutdowns

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Reduce Maintenance Effort

• Eliminate wasted maintenance effort
• Reduce overtime


Reduce HSE Risk - Reducing probability of an accident

• Improve safety with fewer trips to the field
• Reduce possibility of catastrophic failures


  • Improve Organization Efficiency

• Improve collaboration between various teams resulting in effective and faster response to emerging problems
• Common look and feel dashboard for plant-wide assets reduces the training needs
• Acts as a 'command center' supporting day-to-day maintenance needs


  • Приложения:

• Oil and Gas
• Mining, Minerals and Metals
• Water and Wastewater
• Food and Beverage

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