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Schneider Electric EcoStruxure OPC UA Server Expert

Schneider Electric EcoStruxure OPC UA Server Expert

More secure, open, high performance IIoT communications

A state of the art OPC UA communications platform linking industrial devices and Modicon PLCs to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) by Schneider Electric.

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EcoStruxure OPC UA Server Expert is a state of the art communications platform seamlessly linking Schneider Electric PLCs and connected devices to enterprise information systems and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) via the OPC Foundation’s Open Platform Communications – Unified Architecture (OPC UA) service-oriented architecture standard.

The OPC UA standard defines a modern, enhanced cybersecure, open and reliable communications architecture for industrial communications that is scalable from resource constrained sensors through to cloud enterprise systems. OPC UA extends the traditional industrial communications model with a full Service Orientated Architecture (SOA) to publish and manage device meta-information and context, eliminating repetition, simplifying system configuration and reducing maintenance overhead.

Building on the field proven device integration layer of OPC Factory Server (OFS), EcoStruxure OPC UA Server Expert updates the ‘OPC Classic’ communications provided by OFS with secure, scalable OPC UA connectivity while maintaining more robust integration with modern and legacy field devices.


  • OPC UA Server Expert provides the following features:

•  Compliance with OPC UA v1.03 “Standard Server” profile
•  Routable, bandwidth efficient IP connectivity, compatible with modern communications infrastructure
•  Robust end to end cyber security including certificate-based authentication and encryption
•  Highly available redundant architectures with auto change over
•  Flexible ‘many to many’ device to OPC UA client connectivity
•  Online service and symbol discovery with real-time update capabilities
•  Access to located and unlocated Modicon symbols
•  Read only access to Modicon M580 Safety symbols


  • Devices supported:

•  Modicon Process Automation Controllers
•  Current: M340 PAC, M580 ePAC
•  In a later release: Quantum, Premium PACs
•  Modbus/TCP devices via Ethernet connection


  • Networks and protocols supported: 

•  OPC UA binary (based on OPC UA v1.03 standard)
•  Modbus/TCP


  • Efficiency and Profitability:

•  Gain direct real-time insight into your process to improve financial performance
•  Connect workers to operational data to improve fault finding, decision making and support continuous improvement


  • Reliability and Performance:

•  Lower engineering overhead reduce time to production and minimized project risk
•  Support effective operation and maintenance of capital assets


  • Safety and Security:

•  Connect process and safety systems and protect your people, assets and the environment
•  Ensure business continuity, data integrity and confidentiality


  • Приложение:

•  More robust, high performance connectivity to field equipment for supervisory control (SCADA) or human/machine interface applications

•  Simple, enhanced cybersecure integration between devices and advanced reporting, business intelligence and information systems, either on premise or in the cloud

•  Modernization and standardization of industrial communications architectures to a scalable, interoperable open platform

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