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Schneider Electric EcoStruxure Power Advisor

Schneider Electric EcoStruxure Power Advisor

Digital services to optimize energy supply performance in large sites.

A proactive, analytics-based service for your power management system, delivering optimized performance and power reliability.

  • EcoStruxure Power Advisor raises:

• Metering diagnostics from device-based troubleshooting to full system analysis 
• It combines expert advice with advanced algorithms – applying it to data from your Power Monitoring Expert system – to identify gaps or issues in your power management system, as well as power quality issues within your larger electrical distribution system


  • It ensures:

• Your system - your meters, power quality mitigation equipment, and power monitoring software - is functioning properly so your operations run smoothly, minimizing unexpected downtime. 
• With support and guidance from our experts, you can improve your visibility into your power management systems, and proactively address potential issues before they can impact your business.


  • Ползи

• Improve your electrical network reliability through remote monitoring of chronic power quality conditions
• Get peace of mind through a proactive approach to system maintenance with our expert service engineers
• Optimize your system performance by ensuring data quality and ideal configuration settings
• Evolve your system with expert support throughout entire life cycle
• Access real-time views of power and energy data
• See diagnostic reports on your metering system health
• Identify opportunities to increase energy efficiency and savings

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