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Schunk EDI – обмен на данни

Schunk EDI – обмен на данни

EDI – обмен на данни

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) is used to connect your ERP system and SCHUNK's ERP system, allowing you to automatically exchange messages such as purchase orders, order confirmations or invoices.

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  • Advantages – Your benefits:

•  Process reliable

Error-free order creation due to secure communication, including via OFTP2, AS2 or HTTPS

•  Cost-effective

no more manual entry of messages due to the use of various standard formats, including EDIFACT or IDO

•  Quick

Creation of messages in seconds through automatic transmission of purchase orders, order confirmations, shipping notifications or invoices

•  Transparent

The order status and delivery date are always up-to-date in your system and are monitored according to your requirements

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