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Gimatic бързосменници

Gimatic бързосменници

Автоматични средства за замяна на инструменти

Quick changers are used for minimising tool changing times. They feature built-in air channels and modular electrical connectors.

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  • Електрически бързосменници - EQC, ECQC

Gimatic’s EQC electric quick changers are automatic tool changers driven by a built-in electric motor. They are plug-and-play devices and therefore require no driver.



  • Ръчни бързосменници - MCQC, SQM, SQC, QC, QC75

Manual quick changers are very popular in the plastics sector and are used to quickly change EOATs while the mould is being changed. Gimatic’s QC series of quick changers enable a significant reduction.


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