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Murrelektronik EMPARRO ACCUcontrol battery modules/UPS

Murrelektronik EMPARRO ACCUcontrol battery modules/UPS

EMPARRO ACCUcontrol батерийни модули/UPS

The Emparro ACCUcontrol UPS module rounds out the high-performance Emparro power supply system. In the event of a power failure, it automatically switches to battery operation and prevents machine downtimes. Investing in a UPS system frequently pays for itself the first-time a stoppage is avoided.

External lead batteries with a capacity of up to 40 Ah ensure a long-lasting bridging period. The UPS module is available for 20 A or 40 A systems. Emparro ACCUcontrol can be assembled without the use of tools and is maintenance free. Because it is only 65 mm wide, the 20 A model needs very little space in the control cabinet. Reliable power supply in the event of faults 

• Machine downtimes are prevented through uninterrupted switching to battery operation in power failures 
• Maximum lifetime through temperaturecontrolled battery charging 
• High operational reliability through comprehensive control and diagnosis options with predictive maintenance
• A shutdown function for IPCs prevents data loss with easy-to-use computer software


  • номинално входно напрежение: 21.6…30 V DC
  • съвместимост на мрежовата система: TN, TT, IT
  • номинално изходно напрежение: 27.7…19.2 V DC
  • работна температура: -25°C…+45°C
  • работна височина: 0...2000 m ((6561.6 ft)
  • сертификати:                               

- CE marking
- CB Scheme
- cULus Listed
- cURus Recognized

  • съответствие със стандарти:

- IEC/EN 60950-1
- IEC/EN 61204-3
- IEC/EN 55011 B                                                                                            

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