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Schneider Electric Enclosed Motor Starter Solution guide

Schneider Electric Enclosed Motor Starter Solution guide

The software to help you to select intuitively your enclosed motor starter solution

The new Enclosed Motor Starter Solution Guide software is available for both PC and iPad от Schneider Electric.

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  • The software includes the most common solutions of enclosed motor starters:

• Standard, safety and AS-Interface applications
• 230V, 400V, 440V or 690V
• Direct On Line, reversing, star-delta starters
• With or without embedded short circuit protection 
• With or without embedded overload protection


  • Starting from your type of application and main electrical characteristics (voltage, motor rated power, etc), the software lists the recommended solutions with the corresponding product  references, which you can then easily add to your shopping basket.


  • Ползи: 

• Intuitive and simple
• Fast
• Provides complete solutions
• Updated with Schneider Electric latest offers
• Available in English and French


  • Приложения:

• Simple machines and building utilities like as:
• Pumping
• Conveying
• Hoisting
• Lift material 
• Working machines

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