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Schneider Electric EVlink Smart Wallbox

Schneider Electric EVlink Smart Wallbox

The connected EV charging station for smarter charging

Идеално за полу-публични паркинги, EVlink Smart Wallbox предоставя свързаност за измерване на консумация на енергия, идентификация на потребителя, поддръжка и отчети. Всичко нужно за да улесните EV зареждането!

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  • Характеристики

• Maximum charging current adjustable from 8 A to 32 A, In 1-Ph (up to 7.4 kW) or 3-Ph (up to 22 kW)
• Connectivity to EV : T2 socket outlet with or without shutters, or attached cable with T1 or T2 connector
• Attached cable length : 4.5m
• Key lock or RFID card reader
• Energy management capabilities : deferred charging, charging pause and charging current limitation


  • Power supply network

• 220-240V single-phase – 50/60Hz for a maximum charging power of 7.4 kW
• 380-415V three-phase – 50-60Hz for a maximum charging power of 22 kW*
 (*except for attached cable T1, limited to 7.4 kW)


  • Connection to the cloud

• 3G/4G modem
• Wired Ethernet
• OCPP 1.6


  • Mechanical and environment characteristics

• Ingress protection : IP54
• Impact protection : IK10
• Operating temperature : -30°C to +50°C
• Storage temperature : -40°C to °80°C


  • Warranty

• 24 months for the entire EVlink offer


  • Ползи

Extensive choice
• High rated charging power with derating capability to meet the requisite power while anticipating futur needs for higher power for larger battery capacities.
• Free access, key locking, or user authentication.

Flexible charging solution
• Standalone operation, or operation in cluster with load management (see EVlink Load Management System)
• Possible connection to a charge point operator backend through OCPP protocol

Management of charging sessions and charging assets
• Charging logs availability
• User access management
• Remote maintenance

Energy management
• Ability to be interfaced with local or cloud-based energy management
• Seamless adaptation of the delivered charging power to the available power supply
• Charging postponement to off-peak hours

Easy to use
• "Plug & charge" simplicity
• Optional one-touch stop/restart
• Light indicator of charging status

• Suitable for tough environment


  • Приложения

• Semi-public car parks
For charging point operators seeking a cost-effective shared-usage solution offering user authentication and charge detail records.

• Corporate EV fleets
For corporate fleet managers and car leasers seeking a high-uptime solution offering reporting (at work) and cost allocation for easy reimbursement of expenses (at employees’ homes).

• Apartment complexes
For property managers and residents seeking a solution with energy management and cost allocation capabilities.

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