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Schneider Electric Galaxy 3500

Schneider Electric Galaxy 3500

Limited stock exists. Please refer to the Galaxy VS range for replacements.

Galaxy 3500 10/15/20/30/40 kVA compact, three-phase power protection with excellent efficiency and optimized footprint particularly adapted for demanding industrial environments

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The GalaxyTM 3500 from APCTM by Schneider Electric offers a new way for electrical contractors and facility managers to achieve reliable and cost-effective protection for mission-critical applications. A modular design with factory-installed, swappable batteries and electronics reduces installation time — making the Galaxy 3500 easy to deploy and maintain. The product features an excellent 96 percent  (TÜV certified) efficiency, resulting in reduced total cost of ownership and annual customer savings. The Galaxy 3500 ships with dual mains input and a built-in maintenance bypass switch, increasing system availability. 

The Environmental Monitoring Card is supplied with the product, as well as a start-up service to ensure the right configuration from the start. And for demanding industrial environments, reliability features include IP51 protection, standard 2-millimeter-thick steel plate enclosure, and user-replaceable air filters.


  • Ползи: 

•  Double conversion online topology
•  Compact and robust design
•  Best-in-class efficiency (96 percent)
•  Parallel capability
•  Network manageability
•  P51 for industrial environments
•  Available in 3:3 and 3:1 versions


  • Приложения:

•  Performance power protection with best-in-class efficiency for technical facilities and industrial applications

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