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GENESYS програмируеми захранвания

Choose from all our Programmable (Laboratory) power supplies listed below to obtain more information about each range. Standard models range in output power from 200W to 15kW. Paralleling enables solutions up to 60kW. Outputs up to 1500V are available and there are various remote interface options including RS232 and RS485, LAN, USB, EtherCAT, Modbus-TCP, IEEE488 and analogue signals.

Typical areas of application are Test and Measurement, Automation and Process Control, Automotive Test, general ATE, Laser Diodes, Medical Imaging and Treatment, Semiconductor Processing and Burn-in.

• Bench mount
• Rack mount
• Blank Front Panel Option 
• Constant Voltage, Constant Current and Constant Power Limit Operation 
• Programmable Slew Rate Control
• Arbitrary Waveform Generation and Storage
• General Purpose Industrial
• Factory Automation /Process Control
• Test & Measurement
• Medical/ Scientic
• Defense & Aerospace


  • номинално входно напрежение:

- 85 - 265VAC(single phase)
- 170 – 265, 342-460Vor 342-528VAC (three phase)

  • съвместимост на мрежовата система: TN, TT, IT
  • номинално изходно напрежение: 10 - 600 VDC
  • работна температура: 0°C…+50°C
  • работна височина: 0...2000 m ((6561.6 ft)
  • сертификати:

- CE marking
- cURus Recognized

  • съответствие със стандарти:

- IEC/UL/CSA/EN60950-1
- IEC/EN61204-3

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