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Gimatic гама аксесоари

Gimatic гама аксесоари

Wide range of products

Gimatic’s wide range of products includes many accessories, fittings and hoses, power supply converters, drive kits and compensation kits

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  • Компенсационен комплект – MCD

The Gimatic MCD compensation kit enables a 1-mm linear play on X-Y axes and a 10-degree angular play. It can be used to properly place inserts into moulds, when some free movement is required.



  • Принадлежности – CAPBOX, FGD, FPD, ITSC-45, RQS, RTD, S-A, TU, VITE

General accessories to be used with standard Gimatic products include capacitor boxes, RFID boxes, shock absorbers, end stoppers, intermediate stoppers, hexagon nuts and hoses.

  • Съединителни елементи – AF, AV, FT, RG

Gimatic offers a wide range of fittings to enable its actuators to be mounted on EOATs as well as for general applications.

  • Захранващо устройство/преобразовател – MPLF-KIT, MPS

The Gimatic power supply unit is a device that converts the voltage from 230Vac to 24 Vdc for use on Gimatic’s plug-and-play actuators. A drive kit option is also available to drive Gimatic servo grippers.

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