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2K glue dosing system

Expert in wind turbine rotor blade production

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The gluemix is a compact gear pump driven metering and mixing system, which has been specially developed for the production of rotor blades in the wind industry. It is used to handle medium to high viscosity multi component media such as polyurethane or epoxy very precise and reliably. Progressive cavity pumps are used for pulsation free supply of the material. The available filling station is suitable for original 200 l drums.


•  2K system

•  Output rate 14 l/min and 24 l/min

•  Control cabinet and 400 l buffer vessels mounted onto a mobile chassis

•  Metering pumps with overpressure protection and LifeCycleLogger

•  Vertically foldable crane with up to 6 m reach mounted on the chassis

•  High pressure pump rams with level control

•  Three-phase asynchronous motors with forced cooling for PC-feeding pumps

•  Control and regulation of mixing ratio by use of high resolution volume counters

•  Portable refilling unit that works while connected to main machine for process safety

•  Emergency backup of control parameters in case of a power failure

•  On board compressor

•  Electric cable reel up to 70 m

•  Automatic ratio check with weighing scales

•  Emergency backup of control parameters in case of a power failur


•  3K system with 400 l buffer vessels for all components

•  Hose and cable reels

•  Cabinet cooling

•  Remote monitoring and analytics with production reports

•  Remote diagnostics

Technical specifications  
Flow rate 3 – 24 l/min (approx. 5 – 30 kg/min) depending on mixing ratio and viscosity
Mixing ratio 100:10 - 100:100, volumetric
Material supply Original container
Viscosity range 10.000 – 500.000 mPas depending on rheology
Material characteristics Filled, abrasive
Power supply 3 × 400 V / 50 Hz
Air supply 6 bar
Dimensions L × W × H 5.500 x 1.330 x 5.180 mm (for 2K version)
7.475 x 1.330 x 5.180 mm (for 3K version)
Weight Approx. 4.500 kg (for 2K version)
Approx. 5.600 kg (for 3K version)

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