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Schneider Electric Gutor PXP

Schneider Electric Gutor PXP

Gutor Industrial UPS and Power Conversion

5-160 kVA high performance, compact 3 phase and single phase UPS power protection for heavy industrial applications and harsh environments. Market’s first true industrial AC UPS with PFC rectifier.

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Gutor PXP is the right choice for applications where less distortion to upstream networks is important. The PFC rectifier (Power Factor Correction) will drastically reduce the THDi (harmonics at the input) to a very low level and with its robust design, it also fits the requirements for harsh environments as faced in Oil & Gas and other heavy industries. The possibility to order PXP transformerless will further reduce the already very small footprint.


  • Ползи: 

• Low THDI - PFC rectifier dramatically reduces input harmonics (< 5 %THDi), minimizing distortion to upstream equipment

• Strong electrical features - Excellent power conditioning, harmonic distortion management, high efficiency, high overload and short-circuit capacity


  • Приложения:

• Oil & Gas, Petrochemical (onshore, offshore, pipelines, refining, FPSO)
• Power generation, including transmission and distribution
• Mining
• Water treatment including desalination
• Transport
• Chemical industry
• Other industrial applications

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