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ADAPTO, Индустриални адаптори SCAME

ADAPTO, Индустриални адаптори SCAME

Еднопътни и многопътни адаптори

The first industrial adaptor of monobloc system was presented world preview by SCAME in 1984. Since there the offer has developed in a complete range of simple adaptors or by more ways with the aim to match plugs and sockets betweem them incompatible for different configuration, preventing improvised solutions like direct insertion in the socket of cables without insulation, pratice as widespread as very dangerous for the user.



  • Еднопътни адаптори

a range of one way system adapters characterized by a 16 A 2P + T industrial plug and domestic socket outlets in the main international standards. Ideal for feeding small appliances equipped with a domestic plug in environments where the energy is distributed via CEE industrial connectors. ADAPTO is also available 16 A domestic standard plug and 2P+T 16 A industrial socket configuration The offer includes industrial adapters with phase inverter, current adapters and configuration adapters. As prescribed by the Reference Standards, all adapters are for temporary use.


  • Многопътни адаптори

a range of multi-way adapters with integratedplug or with cable and industrial plug. The versions based on ADAPTO series enclosures with cutouts allow the installation of industrial socket outlets or waterproof socket outlets in the main domestic standards, with the possibility to mount also protection devices.


  • Празни кутии серия Adapto

А range of empty enclosures for extremely compact distribution assemblies for suspending, pedestal mounting or mobile installations. Available with or without protections compartment, can be mounted with up to a maximum of 6 industrial socket outlets up to 32A or waterproof domestic socket outlets in the main international standards

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