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Schneider Electric Lexium ILA, ILE, ILS

Schneider Electric Lexium ILA, ILE, ILS

Integrated drives for motion control

Decentralised Motion Solutions - Integrated Drives for motion control with stepper, servo or brushless DC motor

  • Lexium Integrated Drive ILA

• With AC synchronous servo motor
• Superior dynamics and high torque
• Closed-loop drive system with high-resolution encoder


  • Lexium Integrated Drive ILE

• With brushless DC motor
• High detent torque
• Absolute position feedback


  • Lexium Integrated Drive ILS

• With stepper motor
• High torque at low speeds
• Superior constant velocity characteristics


  • Compact design

• Everything integrated in a single device
• 50% of space reduction in the control cabinet
• 40% decrease in wiring


  • Open Communication

All important fieldbus interfaces are available (CANopen, DeviceNet, RS 485, PROFIBUS DP, Ethernet Powerlink, EtherCAT, EtherNet/IP, ModbusTCP)


  • Integrated safety

"Safe Torque Off" functionality prevents unintended machine starts as per IEC/EN 61800-5-2 for operator safety


  • Easy Installation and Commissioning

• 25% reduction in installation time with Lexium Commissioning tool
• Two different connection technologies: printed circuit board or industrial connectors


  • Ползи

• Decentralised motion solutions with integrated drives
• Lexium Integrated Drives integrate motor, positioning controller, power electronics, fieldbus and safety function in a single device. Each motor technology offers a wide range of applications for decentralised motion solutions.


  • Приложения:

• Printing, paper, packaging
• Handling, labelling
• Textile industry
• Electronics manufacture
• Medical technology

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