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Scame кабели за зареждане на електромобили

Scame кабели за зареждане на електромобили

Кабели за зареждане на електромобили Scame

Ergonomic design for a better user experience


The cord set is used to connect the vehicle to the charging station. It consists of a plug for infrastructure-side connection, a connector (movable socket) for the vehicle side, a cable with adequate cross-section and polarity suited to mobile use, particularly resistant to operating conditions. 
Compared to case A (cord-set fixed to the vehicle) and case C (cord-set fixed to the charging station), case B is the more versatile one thanks to the compatibility that can be achieved between the various standards in use today in the international scenario of connections. 
All the cord sets are produced with specific cable suitable for EV compliant to the reference EN 50620.


  • Технически характеристики
Rated current: 16 A / 20 A / 32 A 
Rated voltage:     200-250 V AC / 380-480 V AC  
Frequency: 50-60 Hz 
Insulation voltage:
250 V / 500 V 

Protection degree:
Operating ambient temperature: -30°C to +50°C 
Material: Technopolymer
Saline solution: Resistant 
UV rays: Resistant

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