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Кавитачни помпи

Кавитачни помпи

Progressive cavity pumps for processing materials with high filler content

Continuous metering of abrasive materials

The progressive cavity pump is a high-precision volumetric metering system that operates continuously and pulsation-free. The rotational motion of the eccentric screw ensures highly precise, constant metering, particularly in the case of small output rates from 0.1 ml/min. The special rotorstator combination prevents excessive wear when processing abrasive materials. This guarantees a long service life and high cost-efficiency.

Thanks to eccentric screw pump technology, liquids and pastes with up to 60% filler content can be metered with high precision. The metering quantity can be adjusted completely linearly. This enables a metering precision of ± 1% and better.


  • Product properties

•  Variable discharge rate from 0.002 ml
•  Output rate of 0.1 to 4,400 ml/min
•  Speed of 1 to 150/400 rpm (depending on model and medium)
•  Maximum input pressure of 6 to 8 bar
•  Maximum differential pressure of 10 to 20 bar
•  Ideally suitable for all viscosities from highly fluid to pasty

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