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Контакти SCAME с механична блокировка

Контакти SCAME с механична блокировка

Контакти за индустрията, съвместими със стандарт IEC 60309

An interlocked socket outlet inhibits the extraction of the plug under load: an additional security required in the most diverse environments, each with its own peculiarities and needs. SCAME to date, is the only company to have developed a range of interlocked socket outlets suitable to cover from the tertiary sector up to environments with potentially explosive atmosphere, passing by the construction site to heavy industry.

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  • Серия OMNIA

A complete range of interlocked socket outlets from 16 to 63A, fused or without fuse, with compact dimensions and great installation flexibility. Available as flush mounting or surface mounting version in single configurations or up to 4 sockets through a modular base system even provided with junction box or switchboard. OMNIA in flush mounting configuration finds its ideal use in the tertiary sector, but the dimensions of the flange allow it to be installed in the DOMINO and MBOX distribution boards for industrial and construction site applications, taking advantage of the modularity that has always been at the base of the SCAME systems.



A range of watertight domestic socket outlets equipped with interlock mechanism. Available in different international standards, with or without additional protections, they resume the dimensions and installation possibilities of the OMNIA series, with the particularity of guaranteeing the IP56 degree of protection even when the plug is inserted. OMNIAPLUS is a worldwide exclusive SCAME, suitable for feeding single-phase devices such as drills or milling machines in the tertiary, industrial and construction site sectors. The padlocking of the knob makes it perfect for installation in public areas in the presence of unqualified personnel.


  • Серия ADVANCE 2

A complete system of industrial interlocked sockets available from 16 up to 125A. The industrial sockets of this series are ideal for applications in purely industrial environments, while presenting itself with a particularly refined aesthetic design that makes it attractive as well as functional. All the sockets are equipped with high-performance disconnectors, ergonomic knobs with possiblity of locking by means of a padlock. The availability of modular bases, enclosures and dedicated consumer units allows the realization of modular and flexible combinations.



A complete system of industrial interlocked socket outlets from 16 up to 125A. The industrial electrical sockets of this series, thanks to the body made of GRP (Glass fiber Reinforced Polyester) thermosetting material, guarantee maximum resistance to impacts (IK10 at temperatures between -40 and + 60 °C), to heat and fire (GW 960 °C), proving also to be insensitive to corrosion and atmospheric and chemical agents. The possibility of choosing between versions with or without protection devices and a series of modular bases and enclosures, make ADVANCE-GRP the widest and most articulated system of interlocked socket outlet made of thermosetting material on the market.



• A system of interlocked sockets of 250A and 400A in tempered die-cast aluminum and casing in polyester powder coated sheet.
• Available with mechanical or electrical interlock.
• The versions with mechanical interlock are supplied with a wide range of swithces and protection devices.
• Insertion and extraction of the plug are facilitated by the practical integrated handle.
• The IP65 protection rating is guaranteed by the neoprene gaskets, while all the fasteners are made of stainless steel.
• The contact holders are made of thermosetting material to guarantee exceptional mechanical and thermal resistance, while the silver plated copper contacts guarantee efficiency up to 200 °C

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