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Schneider Electric контролер Varplus Logic

Schneider Electric контролер Varplus Logic

Контролер за управление на фактора на мощността

VarPlus Logic has all what you need for the simple and efficient operation of your automatic power factor correction equipment to maintain your power factor. It is a simple and intelligent relay which measures, monitors and controls the reactive energy. Easy commissioning, step size detection and monitoring make it different from others in the market.

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  • VarPlus Logic offers a fast, reliable and safe power factor correction while monitoring the real time data of your system and alerting on preventive maintenance


  • Technical data:

• 90-550 V direct voltage input

• 1A or 5A CT secondary compatible with 15 mA sensitivity

• 4 quadrant operation – Suitable for operation with energy import and export

• No restriction in step sequence

• Inbuilt temperature monitor with fan control and alarm

• Dedicated alarm contact and fan control relay

• Automatic initialization and automatic step detection for fast and easy commissioning

• Communication – RS485 communication in Modbus protocol

• Digital inputs to control dual cos phi


  • Measurement:

• Active, reactive & apparent power (kW, kVA, kvar)

• Power factor, voltage and current

• Total voltage harmonic distortion & individual harmonics up to 19th harmonic

• Present cabinet temperature and maximum temperature since reset

• Step data monitoring


  • Alarms:

• Over/under voltage, low/high current, under/over compensation alarms

• Faulty step alarm with step number

• Individual step derating of capacitor indicator

• High temperature alarm, through an internal thermal sensor

• Total harmonic distortion alarm at 7% THDu

• Operational hours & operational counter alarm

• Hunting alarm


  • Mechanical data:

• Flush mounting
• Degree of protection - IP 41 (front) & IP 20 (rear)


  • Ползи:

• Maintain power factor to avoid penalty - Optimise the preventive maintenance

• Monitoring of all the connected capacitor steps with real time power in kvar

• Remaining step capacity as a % of the original power since installation

• Number of switching operations of every connected step


  • Hassle free commissioning of capacitor bank:

• 3 step commissioning process in stable loads
• Automatic initialization and step detection
• Automatic correction of connection errors while installation


  • Flexibility for design of capacitor banks / Flexibility in retrofitting:

• Easy design of  capacitor bank
• No step sequence restriction like in the traditional relays
• Easy retrofit with any available capacitors


  • Seamless integration - Easy monitoring, alarm and control:

• Integration in your existing Schneider Electric solution software or gateways, with RS485 Modbus protocol
• Monitoring of network parameters, temperature, harmonics with 12 different alarms
• Automatic corrections by switching off steps in case of any system abnormality   


  • Приложения:

• Automatic Power Factor Correction (APFC) systems
• Automatic power factor compensation with capacitors alone
• Automatic power factor compensation with capacitors and detuned reactors

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