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Schneider Electric Lexium CAS, CAR

Schneider Electric Lexium CAS, CAR

Cantilever axes with moveable axis profile or end plates and fixed drive block

Cantilever axes with internal or external guide and toothed belt drive in different designs and sizes.

  • Lexium CAS4 cantilever extruded-section axis

Applications requiring loop-back movement within a working area such as pushing and high feed forces such as clamping and cutting out.

• Driving block with drill holes and T-slots on two sides for easy and flexible mounting
• Load can be fixed to the two end blocks and to one of the sides using the T-slots
• Quick-coupling system for simple motor assembly
• Stroke lengths of up to 1800 mm
• Compatible with Lexium PAS portal axes


  • Lexium CAS3 cantilever round bar axis

Applications requiring high-speed positioning for short working distances such as material handling.

• Mobile structure with low travelling weight
• Compact design
• Flexible mounting combinations for simple integration into a variety of solutions
• Stroke lengths of up to 500 mm


  • Lexium CAS2 telescopic axis

Applications requiring positioning over long distances where space is at a premium such as material handling, stock transporters and transfer machines.

• Very strong with low weight
• Carriage with grooves to facilitate load mounting
• Compact design
• Stroke lengths of up to 2400 mm


  • Ползи

Lexium CAS Cantilever axes

• The axes consist of a stationary motor unit and a mobile axis body, which moves into the working area
• They are available in extruded section or round bar design, each offering distinct advantages for a variety of loads and travel distances (strokes)


Lexium CAS Telescopic axes

• Lexium CAS axes consist of a mobile axis structure, a mobile carriage and a fixed motor for a longer maximum travelling distance than the actual length of the axis
• From the stationary motor, the carriage can move in both a positive and a negative direction with the same stroke

All models guarantee high resolution, high positioning repeatability and are extremely compact.


  • Приложения:

• Manufacture and assembly of electronic equipment
• Woodworking
• Packaging and labelling
• Material handling
• Textile industry
• Printing
• Paper processing
• Robotics
• Material working

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