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Schneider Electric Lexium TAS

Schneider Electric Lexium TAS

Linear tables with movable carriage and fixed axis

Linear tables with internal guide and ball screw drive in different sizes.

  • Lexium TAS linear table

Applications requiring feed movement without mechanical backlash such as cutting out and labelling. High feed forces such as clamping and machining. Precise movement of heavy loads e.g. for material handling. Precise positioning such as optical applications and laser operation.

• Rail with T-slots on three sides
• Carriage with drill holes and slots for easier load mounting
• Grease nipples accessible on each side of the carriage to simplify routine maintenance
• Quick-coupling system for simple motor assembly 
• Motor positioning right at the shaft end along the table axis, on  each side, above or below the linear table
• Strokes can be set to the nearest millimetre
• Preloaded ballscrew for movement without mechanical backlash and two integrated sensors to ensure limit switch is working correctly
• Stroke lengths up to 1500 mm


  • Lexium TAS linear tables

• Due to the integrated ballscrew drive, linear tables support high-precision linear positioning of heavy loads at high feed forces
• The design of the linear tables is based on an aluminium rail capable of supporting substantial pressure without bending


  • Приложения:

• Manufacture and assembly of electronic equipment
• Woodworking
• Packaging and labelling
• Material handling
• Textile industry
• Printing
• Paper processing
• Robotics
• Material working

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