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Socomec Li-Ion Capacitor UPS

Socomec Li-Ion Capacitor UPS

UPS Replacement Battery

Powerful and reliable solution for applications requiring short back-up times

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  • Power outages lasting a few seconds to several minutes may cause damage, loss in production and cost increases to applications and processes sensitive to short duration downtime.

To ensure the optimum availability and a long-life cycle for batteries, the power supply has to be protected by a powerful UPS back-up storage solution with:

•  Very short recharging time
•  Low maintenance
•  Constant monitoring


  • Li-Ion Capacitor UPS is the innovative UPS back-up storage solution specifically designed to protect:

•  Applications requiring a back-up time from seconds up to a few minutes
•  Processes sensitive to frequent micro interruptions
•  Applications working in critical environments where hazardous substances are not allowed
•  Applications with severe ambient conditions


  • Maximum availability:

• Ultra-fast recharge
• Ensured scalability for capacity or redundancy
• Fire-safe construction


  • Extreme reliability:

•  Optimum performance in all critical operating conditions
•  Ageing-free in any frequent process micro interruption
•  Embedded cell-to-cell monitoring
•  Wide operating temperature range


  • Cost-effective solution:

•  Ultra-high power density in a reduced footprint
•  15+ years’ service life
•  Easy and extremely low maintenance

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