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UPS for Special Applications

Reliable central power supply system. Three-phase UPS from 10 to 120 kVA.

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  • The EMergency CPSS range has been designed to answer your needs in terms of power supply for your safety system.

All our Emergency products are compliant with standard EN 50171.The solution for:

•  Airports
•  Railways and bus stations
•  Schools and universities
•  Hospitals
•  Shopping centres
•  Cinemas and theatres
•  Museums
•  Public buildings
•  Office buildings
•  Hotels


  • Advantages

EN 50171 compliant:

•  IP20 metal enclosure compliant with EN 60598-1.
•  Fast battery charging: 80% in 12 hours.
•  Battery protection against the damage caused by a polarity inversion.
•  Battery protection against deep discharge.
•  Long-life battery with 10-year life expectancy.
•  Designed to withstand 120% of the nominal charge during the entire back-up period.


  • Easy and error-free installation

•  All-in-one solution: for the internal batteries configurations (10/15/20 kVA), UPS and batteries are in the same cabinet (only 1 cabinet to connect).
•  Simplified connections: the connections made during manufacture and the batteries are tested and ready to work.


  • Simplified maintenance

•  Innovative maintenance thanks to brick swap architecture that limits the MTTR - the repairs are 5 times faster than legacy UPS.
•  Entirely front access maintenance for a quick and easy repair.
•  Standard Over Voltage Control Device (OVCD) protects the UPS and the load from dangerous mains peak-voltages.


  • Ready to be connected

•  IoT ready device for access to connected services.
•  Real time UPS monitoring thanks to the SoLive App. Data provided:

-  Current status of the UPS
-  Battery level
-  Battery back-up time minutes
-  UPS operating temperature

•  SoLink: remote monitoring connected service is a permanent connection between the CPSS and the nearest Socomec Service Centre

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