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Data Center and Facility 3 Phase UPS( Socomec )

MASTERYS GP4, Superior reliability and performance from 10 to 160 kVA/kW.

Every industry is increasingly reliant upon critical systems, for both the significant value they create and the disruption that they prevent. When downtime is simply not an option, Socomec has developed the MASTERYS GP4 ; the most advanced medium power monolithic UPS solution. With reliability engineered-in - to guarantee uptime, innovative features - to maximize energy efficiency and intelligent capability -fit for the future. MASTERYS GP4 has been specifically engineered for safe and fast maintenance by advanced brick replacement – with on site repairs 5x faster than standard UPS and an enhanced First Time Fix Rate.


  • Ползи

Superior design and reliability:

• Oversized design margin: reliability first
• Certified seismic resistance
• Superior and officially attested  MTBF
• Long product life expectancy


  • Unrivalled serviceability:

• Innovative maintenance thanks to brick architecture
• Rapid repairs 5 time faster than legacy UPS
• Totally front access maintenance
• 3+ years warranty with connect package


  • Embedded digital technology:

• IoT-ready device for access to connected services
• Mobile application eWIRE for AR guided installation and reporting.
• Mobile application SoLive UPS for remote control and anomaly notification


  • Приложения:

• Small  and medium data centers 
• Banks
• Medical facilities
• Telecom & media infrastructure
• Transport

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