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Data Center and Facility 3 Phase UPS( Socomec )

MASTERYS GP4 RK, Tailored protection for Edge computing from 10 to 40 kVA/kW.


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Whilst organisations are outsourcing to colocation and cloud service providers, they are also investing heavily in local Edge computing to meet new and evolving requirements: data security, analytics, maintaining control of mission-critical applications, IoT development programmes and  augmented reality experience. Accompanied by cooling capability and a server, Socomec’s UPS solution perfectly suits this application thanks to ultra-high reliability, considerable power density and a front access rack-mounted structural design.


  • Ползи

Certified performance:

• Full performance up to 40 °C without derating
• Energy savings - without compromise:  96.5% efficiency in VFI
• Up to 99% efficiency in “ECO” mode

  • Engineered for easy integration:

• Fits within existing 19” cabinet
• Rapid repairs 5 time faster than legacy UPS
• Totally front access maintenance
• Lithium battery option


  • Embedded digital technology:

• IoT-ready device for access to connected services.
• Mobile application SoLive UPS for remote control and anomaly notification
• Easy integration in LAN/WAN and virtual  environments


  • Приложения:

• Edge data centers 
• Banks
• Telecom & media infrastructure

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