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Mitsubishi Electric IO-Link Master UR-MS16DT

Mitsubishi Electric IO-Link Master UR-MS16DT

Highly functional IO-Link Master for various industrial Ethernet

Mixed connection of digital Sink(NPN) / Source(PNP) I/O devices is realized with one unit.

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  • A single unit to connect digital Sink(NPN) and Source(PNP) I/O devices

A single unit to connect digital Sink(NPN) and Source(PNP) I/O devices.
Not only IO-Link devices, but also digital Sink(NPN) / Source(PNP) I/O devices can be connected Together in one unit.


  • 16 channels

Connects to more than twice as many I/O devices as standard IO-Link Master.
Save costs and space.


  • Realized the minimum cycle time of 0.3 ms

The IO-Link minimum cycle time achieves the industry's fastest* high-speed response of 0.3 ms.
The response time issue of IO-Link communication has been resolved.


  • Realization of palm size

Approx. 1/2 the size (W110 x D31.4 x H63 mm) of a standard IO-Link Master (8 channels).
In addition, the number of channels is doubled, which contributes to space saving in the equipment.

*In IO-Link Master with display and operation unit.
Surveyed by OPTEX FA in November, 2021.


  • 10 languages supported

Ten languages can be easily selected in the system menu.
The global design allows for safe and reliable use even when equipment is moved overseas.


  • Automatic IODD download function

Using IO-Link Master and IO-Link devices of OPTEX FA eliminates the need to configure IODD files.


  • Supports 7 field networks

The multi-protocol design of this unit can be easily switched industrial Ethernet in the system menu.


  • Backup / Restore

When replacing a sensor, if a sensor of the same model is connected to the same terminal position, the settings before the replacement are automatically written.
No sensor reconfiguration is required, which saves downtime.


  • Users want real ease of use

OPTEX FA's IO-Link Master is equipped with an OLED display and operation keys that allow users to check, set, and change IO-Link device parameters, maintenance information, and errors without using a PC or HMI.


  • Accurate data collection

Since IO-Link handles sensor measurement values as digital signals, there is no change in values due to noise, and the measured values can be accurately collected.


  • Easy setup

Parameter settings for IO-Link pressure and flow sensors can be set from a host on the network. This reduces the possibility of sensor setting errors or unintentional setting omissions. The parameters once set can be backed up to the UR Series IO-Link master. If the sensor is replaced with one of the same model, the setting information can be restored to avoid accidentally different information than before.


  • Miswire / Wire Break Detection

Any point that differs from the preconfigured connection information will be detected as a miswire. Even if power to an IO-Link device (sensor) is cut off due to a wire break, the determination signal of the sensor is maintained without interruption, and the wire break can be detected.


  • Multi-point / Distributed I/O Control

In addition to IO-Link type devices, sink (NPN) and source (PNP) input/output devices can be connected to the IO-Link master, enabling effective use of remaining channels other than IO-Link type devices connection.


  • IO-Link Master General Specifications
Supply voltage 24 VDC +/-15 %*1
Current consumption 195 mA
Insulation resistance 5 M ohm or more
(between external power supply and unit power supply at 500 VDC)
Input / Output common Sink / Source switchable per channel
Connectors Field network: 2 x RJ45 socket
Power supply: spring clamp terminal block, 5 positions x 2 rows
Input / Output: 3 x 16-channel spring clamp terminal blocks
Indicators POWER LED (green), EVENT LED (yellow),
ALARM LED (red), I/O LED (orange)
Display OLED
Menu language: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Traditional Chinese
Environmental resistance Operating temp. / humidity 0 to +55°C/5 to 95 % RH (no freezing or condensation)*2
Storage temp. / humidity -25 to +75°C/5 to 95 % RH (no freezing or condensation)
Vibration resistance IEC 61131-2 compliant
Shock resistance IEC 61131-2 compliant
Operating atmosphere No corrosive gas
Operating altitude 0 to 2000 m
Installation location Indoor use
Degree of protection IP20 (Not UL Certified)
Overvoltage category II or less
Pollution degree 2 or less
Device class Class Ⅰ
Applicable regulations EMC EMC Directive (2014/30/EU)
Environment RoHS Directive (2011/65/EU), China RoHS (Regulation32)
Applicable standard EN 61131-2
NRTL certification UL Listed Programmable Controllers Certified for US and Canada
Company standards Noise resistance: Feilen Level 3 cleared
Compatible DIN rail TH35-7.5Fe, TH35-7.5Al
Compatible wire Power terminal block: AWG 24 to 16, I/O terminal block: AWG 28 to 16
Material Housing: PC, Keys and DIN rail mounting hook: POM, Terminal block: PA
Weight Approx. 195 g (including terminal blocks, when not wired)
Included accessories Instruction manual, 3 x I/O terminal blocks, 1 x Power terminal block,
2 x Protective caps for RJ45 connector (attached to the unit)


Input Specifications Rated input voltage 24 VDC +/-20%*1
Rated input current (typical) Source(PNP): 5.5 mA, Sink(NPN): 5.0 mA
Insulation method Transformer, photocoupler insulation
Maximum number of simultaneous input points 100 % simultaneous ON
Voltage and current at ON Source(PNP): 15 VDC or higher, 5.5 mA or higher,
Sink(NPN): 13 VDC or higher, 3.0 mA or higher
Note: Sink(NPN) is the voltage seen from the 24 V side.
Voltage and current at OFF Source(PNP): 10 VDC or less, 2.0 mA or less,
Sink(NPN): 8 VDC or less, 2.0 mA or less
Note: Source(NPN) is the voltage seen from the
24 V side.
Input resistance Source(PNP): 5.5 mA with constant current circuit load,
Sink(NPN): 4.7 k ohm
Input response time 0 ms, 0.1 ms, 1 ms, 5 ms, 10 ms, 20 ms (default: 0 ms)


Output Specifications Rated load voltage 10.8 to 26.4 VDC *1
Maximum output load current 0.2 A per 1 point, 2.5 A per 16 points *2
Maximum inrush current Current limitation by over-current protection function (0.5 A)
OFF output leakage current 0.1 mA or less (0.2 mA or less for Sink NPN output)
Maximum output voltage drop
at ON
Source(PNP): 1.8 V, Sink(NPN): 1.6 V
Surge suppressor Zener diode
Output response time 0.1 ms or less

*1. Use a Class 2 power supply or a power supply compliant with SELV (Safety Extra-Low Voltage) circuit and LIM (Limited Energy Circuit) circuit standards.
*2. UL Satisfaction Ratings: I/O output load current is 2 A or less for a total of 16 channels at 0 to +55°C or 2.5 A or less for a total of 16 channels at 0 to +50°C
●Specifications and other information are subject to change without prior notice.


  • IO-Link Specifications
IO-Link communication IO-Link revision 1.1 and 1.0
Communication speed COM1: 4800 bps, COM2: 38400 bps, COM3: 230.4 kbps
Physical layer IO-Link compliant
Minimum cycle time 0.3 ms
Number of ports 16
I/O assignment Switchable in the following 6 modes by setting for each channel:
• Disable mode
• IO-Link communication mode
• SIO (Digital Source PNP input) mode
• SIO (Digital Sink NPN input) mode
• SIO (Digital Source PNP output) mode
• SIO (Digital Sink NPN output) mode
Input related Source(PNP) / Sink(NPN) channel switchable type
Functions Basic IO-Link communication Cyclic communication,
acyclic communication,
event communication
Process I/O communication,
ISDU communication,
event communication


  • Host Network Communication Specifications
Communication method CC-Link IE Field or CC-Link IE TSN
(switchable in the master parameter)
EtherNet/IP (default value),
Ethernet & Modbus/TCP,
CC-Link IE Field Basic,
(switchable in the master parameter)
Station type Remote device station See following table
Transmission speed 1 Gbps
Total cable extension Between Field Network master station and
this product: 100 m
Between this product (IO-Link Master) and
IO-Link devices: 20 m
Station number setting 1 to 120 (CC-Link IE Field)
1 to 254 (CC-Link IE TSN)


  • When the network type is "EtherNet/IP"
Item Specifications
Host network communication protocol EtherNet/IP
Applicable version EtherNet/IP adapter
Transmission speed 10M (10BASE-T)、100Mbps (100BASE-TX)
Cable Twisted pair cable (STP) Category 5, 5e or higher
Ethernet connection type Star configuration, linear bus configuration, device level ring configuration
Distance between nodes Within 100 m
IP address setting Static IP address


  • When the network type is "Ethernet & Modbus/TCP"
Item Specifications
Host network communication protocol Modbus/TCP communication or Ethernet socket communication
Transmission speed 10M (10BASE-T)、100Mbps (100BASE-TX)
Cable Twisted pair cable (STP) Category 5, 5e or higher
Ethernet connection type Star configuration, linear bus configuration


  • When the network type is "CC-Link IE Field Basic"
Item Specifications
Host network communication protocol CC-Link IE Field Basic communication, socket communication
Transmission speed 100 Mbps (100 BASE-TX)
Cable Twisted pair cable (STP) Category 5, 5e or higher
Ethernet connection type Star configuration, linear bus configuration


  • When the network type is "EtherCAT"
Item Specifications
Transmission speed 10 Mbps (10 BASE-T), 100 Mbps (100 BASE-TX)
IP address setting Static IP address

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