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Schneider Electric Modicon Switch

Schneider Electric Modicon Switch

Connecting Ethernet devices

Networking infrastructure solution by Schneider Electric.

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Switches are used to increase the limits of architectures based on hubs or transceivers, by separating collision domains. Higher layer communication is provided between the ports, and collisions at link layer are not propagated (filtering). They therefore improve performance by better allocation of the bandwidth due to the reduction of collisions and network load. Certain Modicon switch models also enable redundant architectures to be created on a twisted pair copper ring or fiber optic ring. Unmanaged switches are plug and play devices that do not need to be configured by the user. Certain models can also be managed remotely via SNMP or HTTP protocols for monitoring and diagnostic purposes or configured using USB cable (Premium unmanaged switch).


  • A large range of products:

• Unmanaged switches 
• Managed switches 
• Industrial Firewalls 
• Cables 
• Accessories 
• Network Management Software


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The Modicon Switch range offers you a smart and flexible way to integrate Ethernet solutions into your operation, from the device level to the control network and to your corporate network.


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All industrial automation segments.

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