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Schneider Electric Modicon TM7 IP67 I/O system

Schneider Electric Modicon TM7 IP67 I/O system

IP67 distributed I/O Digital and/or Analog

Flexible and scalable I/O configuration for automation solutions based on Modicon M258 and M262 and PacDrive controllers (Schneider Electric).

  • Характеристики:

Flexible and scaleable I/O configuration:

• IP67 distributed I/O solution basing on the Modicon TM5 IP20 modular I/O system

• Easy connection of TM7 remote I/O blocks  to TM5 based CANopen/Sercos  interface blocks via the TM5 expansion bus

• Direct coupling - without TM5 interface blocks – to controllers, which are equipped with an TM5 expansion bus interface (Modicon M258 and LMC058, see section ´PLC & PAC´)

• TM7 remote I/O blocks for safe I/O communication available (Sercos/PacDrive 3  only)

• Complete offer with digital and analog IP67 remote I/O blocks

• Perfect suitability for your requirements with the freely configurable I/Os


  • Robust design:

• IP degree: 67

• Temperature range: -10 to +60°C (14 to 140°F)

• EMC protection


  • Simplified maintenance & installation:

• Embedded diagnostics for local and distant supervision

• Cabling simplicity: M8 or M12 connector


  • Save engineering time.

• Fully compatible with EcoStruxure Machine Expert software

• Certified FDT/DTM technology for all compatible automation software systems (on CANopen)


  • Приложения:

The IP67 protection of these blocks enables them to be used within processes or machines in harsh environments and offers the following advantages:

• ingress protection

• ruggedness and compactness

• rapid wiring, economical use

This I/O system is compatible with EcoStruxure Machine Expert software

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