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Schneider Electric Modicon X80

Schneider Electric Modicon X80

The common platform of modules for Modicon M580 and M340 PACs

All modules with X80 form factor: backplane, power supply, I/O digital, I/O analog, Safety I/O, communication, expert, etc.

  • The Modicon X80 I/O platform comprise the following devices:

• Modicon X80 I/O modules

• Modicon X80 specialized modules (HART, weighing, counter, etc.)

• Modicon X80 backplanes (X-bus or dual profile X-bus and Ethernet)

• Standalone or redundant X80 power supplies


  • The Modicon X80 I/O platform in a single-rack or multi-rack Ethernet PAC station. Their slots can be equipped with:

• Discrete I/O modules

• Analog I/O modules

• Expert modules

• Communication modules: 

• Ethernet Modbus/TCP network, EtherNet/IP network .

• AS-Interface actuator/sensor buses and RTU (Remote Terminal Unit) serial link.

• Modbus serial link


  • Приложения:

• Manufacturing and large infrastructures

• Water and Waste Water (WWW)

• Food & Beverage (F&B)

• Mining, Minerals, Metals (MMM)

• Oil & Gas (O&G)

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