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Data Center and Facility 3 Phase UPS( Socomec )

MODULYS GP, Unique, fully modular and redundant solution from 25 to 600 kVA/kW.

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With its flexible modularity providing seamless and risk-free power scalability up to 600 kW, the MODULYS GP range is the ideal solution for unscheduled site upgrades or incremental power evolutions. The installed power can be increased up to 600 kW by adding hot-swap plug-in power modules for incremental steps of 25 kW. Designed with no single point of failure, the MODULYS GP offers all the advantages of the Green Power 2.0 technology.


  • Ползи

Fully modular system:

• Plug-in power module. Plug-in battery module. Plug-in auxiliary mains bypass module.
• Top or bottom connection. 
• Top-air exhaust module. 


  • Totally redundant design:

• N+1, N+X redundancy level
• Designed for no single point of failure
• No centralised parallel control
• Totally independent power modules
• Redundant parallel bus connection


  • ‘Forever Young’ concept:

• Eliminates end-of-life criticality
• Module compatibility guaranteed for 20+ years
• Allows for the implementation of future module technology

  • Приложения:

• Banks 
• Insurance
• Healthcare facilities 
• Computer rooms 
• Telecom
• Transport

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