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Network and Server

Power protection for telecommunication applications. Single/single phase UPS from 3 to 9 kVA.

  • The solution for supplying power systems:

• Thanks to its particular architecture, designed especially for the telecoms sector, the Mod-TC combines batteries with extended back-up time with high capacity

• Mod-TC is the ideal solution for isolated, unmanned installations, such as radio stations or links, mobile radio stations for cellular phone networks and GSM - GPRS - UMTS repeaters


  • Batteries and a charger adapted to prolonged back-up times:

• Batteries have a lifespan of 10 years (AGMVRLA technology)

• Battery protection (fuses) connected by boards

• Front battery access (easy maintenance)

• To guarantee constant and reliable operation, the 30 A battery charger provides rapid and stable recharging of 48 V – 100 Ah batteries after each period of back-up


  • Five models available with different architectures:

• The Mod-TC 2XX stand-alone unit provides the ideal solution for applications which do not require an extended back-up time (more than 8 hours for the Mod-TC 230) and will not need to be upgraded.

• Mod-TC 3XX. The redundant modular system.

• Mod-TC 360 and Mod-TC 390. These are flexible, modular, redundant systems to which additional power modules may be installed to increase power or to obtain an operating redundancy N +1.


  • Standard electrical features: 

• Separate bypass input on Mod-TC 245, Mod-TC 260, Mod-TC 360 and Mod-TC 390
• Signal contacts relay card


  • Electrical options: 

• Temperature sensor on Mod-TC 360 and Mod-TC 390


  • Standard communication features: 

• 2 slots for communication options 


  • Communication options: 

• Dry-contact interface 
• NET VISION: professional WEB/SNMP interface for UPS monitoring and shutdown management of several operating systems


  • Приложения:

• Telecommunications
• Computer networks

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