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Data Center and Facility 3 Phase UPS( Socomec )

MODULYS XL, The ultimate modularity for the most critical environments from 200 to 4800 kVA/kW

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The MODULYS XL is a modular UPS based on 200 kW power modules. The power of a single UPS unit can be increased up to 1200 kW and the system can include up to 4 units in parallel. The innovative MODULYS XL concept allows for the constant protection of the load in online mode, whether to respond to load growth or to manage all aspects of the system’s lifecycle, in a secure way and with impressive rapidity.  Associated with a variety of adapted Services, the MODULYS XL provides unprecedented availability and flexibility to fulfil the requirements of today’s highly critical applications.


  • Ползи 

3 standard bricks for your very own system:

• UPS configurations based on 3 standard bricks for a simplified installation process
• Repeatable and standardised assets to meet different configuration and architectural requirements
• An adjustable number of empty power slots to match different scalability and redundancy needs


  • 5-minute plug-in:

• Power module addition or removal in only 5 minutes by one person
• Simple and safe power module plug-in: no power or communication bus cabling required
• Load fully protected in double conversion mode during the power extension or module swap
• Hot-scale and swap process in incremental steps of 200 kW to reduce time and optimize costs

  • Safe and easy deployment:

• Specifically engineered to eliminate unexpected installation errors
• Easy power slot positioning and perfect alignment including on uneven floors
• Power slots with pre-engineered built-in bus bars for quick, easy and clean interconnections
• A full frontal access installation so the UPS can be installed against a wall
• The power slots set up during the installation stage are ready for future hot plug-in power modules


  • Приложения:

• Data centers 
• Buildings 
• Industry

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