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Murrplastik монтажни елементи

Murrplastik монтажни елементи

Murrplastik монтажни елементи

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  • Base plate

The base plate serves to retain type SH system holders. The 8-part split enables mounting the system holders at a rotation of up to 45°. The mounting holes are aligned with our R-FKM pipe clamp.

  • Pivot bearing

The pivot bearing can be rotated in 360° and is on a ball bearing.

• R-DZM pivot bearings with adapter plates for mounting type SH system holders

• R-DLM individual pivot bearing for use with TRO 70 trumpet

  • Tension clamp (axis 6)

The R-SSR tension clamp serves to provide a fixing point on axis 6. Additional fastening elements can be affixed to the tension clamp as required.

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