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Socomec NETYS PE

Socomec NETYS PE

Computer and Peripheral

Practical and cost-effective protection. Single phase UPS from 600 to 2000 VA.

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  • Ideal and cost-effective protection for SOHO or POS applications:

• Adapted to protect IT applications in home, office and retail environments
• A complete range of six models to adapt the power to the equipment’s consumption or to required back-up time


  • Easy to use:

• Control panel with graphical icons LCD / LEDs allowing the operating mode to be easily monitored


  • A solution for network power cuts and voltage fluctuations:

• The integrated AVR function (Automatic Voltage Regulation) stabilizes the output voltage and avoids the switching to Battery Mode operation, therefore saving the battery to support critical power cut events


  • Simplified connection:

• Several IEC 320 sockets (IT standard) simplify the connectivity to computer and IT peripherals


  • Protection for your data line:

• Integrated NTP protection for LAN/ADSL connection against the risk of data line overvoltage


  • Приложения:

• CAD, graphic workstations
• Multimedia workstations and peripherals 
• LCD screens and monitors
• POS (Points Of Sales)

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