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Schneider Electric OPC Factory Server

Schneider Electric OPC Factory Server

Fast, simple & open communication to field devices

Based on OPC standards, OFS provides secure, highly available, open and real time comеs with Modicon and Modbus devices for SCADA and other software от Schneider Electric 

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  • OPC Factory Server (OFS) is a standards compliant server application allowing open, real time access to Schneider Electric automation and electrical distribution devices connected to Ethernet networks or fieldbuses:

• OFS supports concurrent multi-device communications and the simultaneous use of multiple communication protocols and provides client applications with a set of highly available services for accessing control system devices via physical address or symbols
• OFS enables simpler, more open and more available communications between your software applications and your field devices, resulting in lower capital and operational costs and higher plant availability


  • By supporting the widely adopted OPC standard, OFS improves interoperability and hence reduces integration effort and risk when:

• Interfacing supervisory SCADA and/or HMI applications with Schneider Electric equipment
• Developing custom software applications (bespoke reports, Excel spreadsheets etc.) requiring access to control system data
• Integrating sophisticated process control, MES, business intelligence, reporting, analytics, optimisation, predictive maintenance or other industrial data processing software


  • With the release v3.6, OFS provides the following features:

• OPC Data Access
• Native support for redundant communication links to Modicon PACs
• End to end time-stamping in Modicon PAC and X80 IO
• Integration with Wonderware System Platform (via OPC DA); details available on the Wonderware Global Customer Support site


  • OFS V3.6 is available in two configurations:

• OFS Small: Data server for 1,000 items
• OFS Large: Data server with an unlimited number of items
• item: single variable, structure, or table created in Ecostruxure Control Expert / Unity Pro


  • Devices supported:

• Modicon M340, M580, Quantum, Premium, Momentum, Compact and Micro PACs
• TSX Series 7 and April Series 1000 PACs
• Modbus devices: Modbus serial, Modbus Plus, Modbus/TCP
• X-Way/Uni-TE devices: Uni-Telway, Fipway, ISAway, PCIway


  • Modbus and Uni-Telway serial device connections require a Schneider Electric or other serial gateway


  • Ползи:

• The link between your PLCs and software
• Based on the OPC protocol, OFS (OPC Factory Server) software enables Windows client applications to access Modicon PLC data in real time
• Communication between your software applications and your hardware becomes simple and clear
• Access to key information, open interface, transparent architecture and interoperability are just some of the advantages providing a real communication solution at the heart of your process


  • Приложение: 

• Complex and special machines
• Manufacturing processes
• Infrastructures
• Batch and continuous process

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