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Opto Engineering оптика

Opto Engineering оптика

The correct machine vision lens

Selecting the correct machine vision lens is paramount to obtain high quality image for a correct and efficient following processing. Though the result also depends on the camera resolution and pixel size, a lens is in many cases the steppingstone to build a machine vision system.

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  • Telecentric lenses

To help you navigate our extensive portfolio and select the perfect optics we have devised the following lenses classification:

•  Classic: standard industrial design
•  Compact: optimized to reduce the footprint of vision systems
•  Coaxial: featuring an integrated coaxial illumination
•  Flat: special design for line scan applications
•  Multi-mag: lenses with multiple magnifications for maximum flexibility
•  Optical benches: pre-assembled optical bundles
•  Specialties: telecentric optics with liquid lenses, UV lenses and other specialties


  • 360° view optics

One of the most recurring needs in the machine vision industry is to be able to fully inspect an object with as few cameras as possible. This request is becoming more and more common in a variety of markets, like the beverage, pharmaceutical and automotive industries.

Opto Engineering designed a line of incredible 360° optics where one image is enough to view the top and side of an object or the inside of a cavity. Most of these special optics are unique designs patented by Opto Engineering, with exceptional build quality and unmatched optical performance.


  • Macro & Fixed focal length lenses

Macro and fixed focal length lenses are the perfect optical solution for many applications in machine vision. Macro lenses are the Opto Engineering answer to the need for accurate close-up imaging, while fixed focal length lenses provide the flexibility needed for general purposes solutions.

Macro lenses can perform close–range inspection tasks very effectively with impressive optical performance in terms of resolution and distortion. Like all our products, these optics are built to be deployed in industrial environments: their compact form factor, optical capabilities and excellent value make the Opto Engineering macro lenses the ideal solution for a wide range of machine vision systems. Opto Engineering family of fixed focal length lenses comprises many optics with special features, in addition to the most common types of optics used in machine vision: we offer a wide variety of fixed focal length lenses for small, medium and large detectors.


  • Infrared & UV lenses

Illumination outside the visible spectrum is used in a wide variety of sectors including defense, security/surveillance, industrial, medical and R&D. Applications include tracking / targeting systems, predictive maintenance, monitoring of high temperature industrial processes, thermography, flame detection, quality control / inspection. Opto Engineering offers a wide variety of high-resolution IR optics for both cooled and uncooled IR cameras spanning all IR spectral bands. Our IR optics feature large field of view and low distortion and can be equipped with custom mount interfaces.

MWIR and LWIR thermal series also include HCAR coating for use in harsh environments. Our offer also includes C-mount lenses for up to 1” detectors, optimized to work with ultraviolet illumination (365 nm) for high quality reflected UV imaging application.

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