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Schneider Electric OsiSense XM Еlectromechanical

Schneider Electric OsiSense XM Еlectromechanical

OsiSense XM eлектромеханични датчици за контрол на налягането

  • The function of pressure and vacuum switches is the control or regulation of pressure or vacuum levels in hydraulic or pneumatic systems.

They transform the pressure change into a digital electrical signal when the preset switching points are reached.

•  Switches for power circuits - Switches with power electrical contacts, either 2-pole or 3-pole, designed for direct switching of single-phase or 3-phase motors (pumps, compressors, etc.)

•  Switches for control circuits - Switches with standard electrical contacts, designed for control of contactors, relays, power valves, PLC inputs, etc

•  Fluid connection: G 1/4" (female) (other connections possible, please consult us)


  • Основни параметри:
Номинално напрежение  110, 230/400 VAC for power circuits switches
Работна температура   -25°C…+70°C
Работна височина  0...2000 m (6561.6 ft)
Сертификати на продукти CE marking
Съответствие със стандарти IEC/EN 60947-5-1
UL 508
CSA C22-2 no 14

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