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SCAME пакетни прекъсвачи

SCAME пакетни прекъсвачи

Панелни пакетни прекъсвачи и прекъсвачи в кутии

Пълна гама високо-ефективни разеденители за панелен монтаж или в кутия

Complete range of switch-disconnectors for base or front panel mounting. High performance switch-disconnectors able to maintain their own rated current even in AC23A utilization category (Switching of motor loads or other strongly inductive loads) and with the particularity, in the 3P+N configuration, of the anticipated Neutral useful to protect against possible overvoltages due to the absence of the Neutral phase on the power supply. The knobs to operate the switches are available in black color for general applications, which can be padlocked in ON and OFF position, or red colored knob with yellow plate for emergency situation, which can only be padlocked in OFF position. The enclosures have a large internal space to facilitate wiring operations and are available in various materials to satisfy every installation need.

  • Технически характеристики:

•  Polarity: 1P-2P-3P-3P+N-4P-6P-8P
•  Rated current:

-  16A*-20A-25A*-32A-40A-
-  63A -80A-100A-125A-160A

•  Protection degree:

-  IP55 flush mounting version
-  IP65 surface mounting version

•  Operating ambient temperature according to the reference standard: -5°C +40°C
•  Min-Max. operating ambient temperature: -25°C +60°C
•  Material: Thermoplastic
•  IK degree: IK08
•  Glow wire test: 650°C
•  Colour: Grey RAL7035
•  Insulation class: Class II (double insulation)

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