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Photonео Locator Studio

Photonео Locator Studio

Simple way of 3D picking

High compatibility with any model of industrial robot or manipulator.

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  • Easy, fast & reliable

The Locator Studio by Photoneo is a new robotic intelligence software that offers an intuitive UX/UI design, high compatibility with any model of industrial robot or manipulator and easy plug & play installation.


  • Enter 3D vision - guided robot applications with ease



  • Benefits

•  Robot agnostic
•  Resistant to temperature changes
•  Quick and easy deployment
•  Open TCP/IP communication protocol
•  Reporting of multiple positions for parts in (x, y, z, rx, ry, rz)
•  Localization engine proven by hundreds of applications


  • Use cases

The Locator Studio represents agile and easy to use software for picking of structured and non-structured objects from shallow bins or easy to access non-collision environments. Best example to imagine ideal application is demonstrated on this racking and de-racking application.