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Photonео Scanning software

Photonео Scanning software

3D Scanning Software

Explore the software opportunities that will help you operate Photoneo Sensors at the highest level.

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  • Scanning software & supported 3rd party programs

•  PhoXi Control

The PhoXi Control is the control panel behind powerful and compact PhoXi 3D Scanner & MotionCam-3D Sensors. It enables users to control these devices manually via a GUI or by a computer program using the provided API.Setup your scanning environment or configure the sensor parameters whilst testing the output - all done easily and rapidly. You can also use the GUI as a powerful debugger to ease up your work and maximize your productivity.Use the computational powerhouse present within our sensors to facilitate the development process as well as reduce the computational time.

-  Intuitive graphics. User interface
-  High possibility to customize the operation of the sensor
-  Highly customizable of sensor performance
-  Powerful API




•  PhoXi 3D Meshing

PhoXi 3D Meshing is a utility software for quick and easy 3D model creation from multiple 3D scans. It is a ideal tool for applications like robot guidance, quality inspection or reverse engineering because thanks to the high quality and accuracy of data provided by Photoneo Sensors.

•  PhoXi Firmware updater

Update the firmware of your PhoXi 3D Sensors without the hustle. This standalone application uses mechanism independent of PhoXi Control and easily performs the complete firmware update. The application is available starting from firmware version 1.2.26.



•  Localization SDK

Software that allows you to translate the produced pointclouds into language of the robot and helps you to navigate it to perform the desired tasks.