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Pilz релета за мониторинг

Pilz релета за мониторинг

Electronic monitoring relays

With electronic monitoring relays, the focus is on electrical safety. Monitoring relays reduce the number of hazardous situations for man and machine and increase the service life of plant and machinery. Save costs and be sure of an efficient production cycle. With monitoring relays, the focus is on the protection of persons and machinery against insulation faults, residual voltages, overvoltage, overcurrent, overload, temperature overload as well as monitoring standstill and true power. Significantly reduce hazardous situations for human and machine, while at the same time increasing the service life of your plant.

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  • Applications PMD s10

Using the measured true power, it is possible to derive variables such as fill level, volume, torque or air pressure. The following example applications illustrate potential areas of use:

•  Contamination of sieves or filters on ventilation systems 
•  To check for dry running or pump blockage 
•  Viscosity of fluids on mixers • Wear and tear on tools
•  To control the brush pressure on car washes 
•  To monitor conveyors for blockages or wear and tear


  • Applications PMD s20

The PMD s20 can be used to monitor the insulation resistance of unearthed  AC/DC systems. Thanks to the separate supply voltage, monitoring of the de-energised system is possible. Typical application areas include:

• Clinical operating theatres
• Offshore installations such as wind turbines, sewage treatment plants and shiplifts
• Electroplating and surface finishing systems


  • Safe monitoring of every situation

Reliable electronic monitoring and control of your plant or machinery is always the priority. Save costs and guarantee an efficient production cycle. Simply by using monitoring relays! You'll find the right device for every monitoring task.


  • User-friendly features

PMDsrange units in 22.5 mm slimline housing cover the widest range of functions. Selectable measuring ranges and a high number of operating voltages enable flexible use. Quick and easy installation, practical terminals, a variety of operator elements as well as luminous displays all help to make commissioning easier and ensure the units are perfectly tailored to your specific application.


  • Many applications

You can use the PMDsrange devices in a multitude of applications: for monitoring the temperature of motors, for monitoring voltage at bottle conveyor systems, to monitor blockages at pumps, and many other applications.


  • Your benefits at a glance:

• Parameters can be set on the front, thereby reducing commissioning times
• Save space in the controlcabinet: widths of just 22.5 mm
• Rapid diagnostics via LED status display


  • Bottling plant with voltage monitoring

Use voltage monitors, for example, to monitor voltage supplies on bottling plants. The monitoring relay ensures that the plant is shut down in a controlled manner. It also protects against an uncontrolled restart.


  • Screw conveyor with current monitoring

You need to monitor current, e.g. at a screw conveyor? It can provide protection against blockage and wear and tear, thereby helping with preventive maintenance. 


  • Motor with thermistor monitoring

Use thermistor monitoring to protect your motors from overheating. Also prevent automatic start-up. This is particularly important for adverse cooling and where frequent start-up or braking of the motor is required. Thermistor monitoring relays such as S1MS are also available with ATEX approval.

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