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Pilz PNOZelog

Pilz PNOZelog

Релета за функционална безопасност

Релетата PNOZelog могат да бъдат свързани чрез логически операции, за да формират цялостно решение за безопасност. Дългият живот на експлоатация и разширената диагностика, както по време на включване, така и по време на работа и самодиагностиката гарантират максимална безопасност.

  • Extended diagnostics, easy to link

Wear-resistance, safety, long service life and high availability ensure it is cost-effective to use. What’s more, the PNOZelog can be linked simply through logic AND/OR operations. Diagnostics on the PNOZelog have been extended. Power-up tests, self-checking and runtime tests guarantee maximum safety.


  • Complete safety functions through logic function operations

Units in the PNOZelog product range can be linked via logic operations to form complete safety functions. AND/OR operations are both available. The use of logic functions means that the output requires no additional wiring. As a result, both outputs on the PNOZelog units are freely available. As many units as necessary can be connected in series – ideal for monitoring up to four safety functions.


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