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Pilz PNOZpower

Pilz PNOZpower

Релета за функционална безопасност

Релетата PNOZpower могат да превключват голям товар от 8-16 А. Освен това са подходящи и за директно включване на електрически двигатели.

  • Switching high loads safely

Use the modular safety relay PNOZpower to monitor E-STOP, safety gates and light barriers. With PNOZpower you can switch currents of up to 16 A AC/DC per contact. An overall breaking capacity of 40 A is available per module.

In each case, external contactors and contactor combinations are no longer required. The base unit processes the inputs; the output modules are specifically matched to the respective load. The number and capacity of the required safety contacts can be scaled, depending on the application. You can connect a maximum of five modules to the base unit. Modules are wired to the base unit via an internal bus system.

PNOZpower can do so much more! Save costs on applications with more than 5 safety contacts. It's easy to add extra contacts to the system. Thanks to the modular structure, this can be done without the need for additional wiring.


  • Safety relays PNOZpower – Your benefits

• External contactor combinations and the related wiring are no longer required, so you save costs, space and commissioning time

• Reduce your downtimes through diagnostics via LED; call up the operating and fault status for each module

• Units can be prewired and any faulty units can simply be swapped over thanks to plug-in connection terminals

• Redundant load switching  

• Only pay for the functions that you actually use: Scalable and flexible through the selection of compatible modules


  • Benefits at a glance

• For high loads and high capacity

• Robust

• Drives can be shut down directly

• Simple diagnostics

• Plug-in connection terminals

• Redundant load switching

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