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Подвижни контакти SCAME

Подвижни контакти SCAME

Контакти за индустрията съвместими със стандарт IEC 60309

Complete range of industrial electrical connectors by SCAME able to meet any need for electrical connection in industrial environments, even in demanding environments. Robust and versatile, they boast a high IP degree of protection, ensuring ease of use and maximum safety, emphasized by exclusive technical solutions such as the protection shutters of the contact tubes in the SAFE-IN versions.

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A complete range of industrial connectors from 16 up to 125A, robust and safe thanks to the use of high performance technopolymer halogen-free bodies and to the external cable gland with cable clamp function. Fast to wire thanks to the opening of the body by means of a snap-on steel spring mechanism, the OPTIMA series electrical connectors are available with multiple types of terminals to always guarantee the best connection according to the type of use and wiring requirements. The SAFE-IN versions, equipped with protective shutters on the contact tubes,prevent harmful contact with live parts, adding further safety in case of installation in places with unqualified users.



A range of industrial connectors from 16 to 125A characterized by the use of specific technopolymers that give maximum resistance to impact (IK10), to heat and fire (GW960°C according to EN 60695-2-1), to atmospheric agents and UV rays The OPTIMA-HD electrical connectors are therefore suitable for use in harsh environments such as iron and steel industries, ports and mines. Fast to wire thanks to the opening of the body by means of a snap-on steel spring mechanism and screw clamps.



A range of industrial connectors 16 and 32 A with 90° angled cable outlet. The connector design has the advantage of a reduced obstruction, thus preventing eventual damages by accidental contacts. Both terminals and internal cable clamp are screw type.
- XENIA is a range of industrial connectors with monoblock body in technopolymer . The electrical connectors of the XENIA series have screw terminals and external cable clamps.

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