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Pilz PSENhinge Safe hinge switch

Pilz PSENhinge Safe hinge switch

PSENhinge превключвател за безопасност тип панта

Complete solution for guards. Safe hinge switches PSENhinge offer a safe, complete solution for guards, comprising a hinge and a safety switch. They are suitable for rotatable and hinged gates and flaps. As users, you not only benefit from high plant availability but also from manipulation protection, as installed of the PSENhinge is concealed within the guards.

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  • Характеристики:

• Safe, complete solution for rotatable/hinged guards, comprising hinge and safety switch

• In conjunction with Pilz controllers, can be used for applications with high safety requirements

• Manipulation-proof and space-saving, as it's integrated directly within the safeguard

• Switching point is free to set from 0° to 270° and is re-adjustable

• Protection type IP67

• Slot fastening for mounting on profiles

• Simple readjustment by means of integrated precision adjustment system

• For right and left hinged systems

• Rugged version for high mechanical loads

• Resistant to soiling

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  • Съответствие със стандарти:

• EN/IEC 62061
• EN 60947-5-3
• EN/IEC 61496-3


  • Основни параметри:
Номинално напрежение 24 VDC
Работна температура -25°C…+70°C
Работна височина 0...2000 m (6561.6 ft)
Сертификати на продукти CE marking
cULus Listed


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