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Pilz PSENrope Safe rope pull switch

Pilz PSENrope Safe rope pull switch

PSENrope въжени изключватели за безопасност

Whether on the assembly line or machine: where safety in the production area is concerned, the safe rope pull switches PSENrope are a proven, reliable solution. PSENrope devices switch off functional processes via manual action. PSENrope provide maximum safety when it matters: the E-STOP function can be triggered at any point along the rope.

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  • Характеристики

•  Safe from manipulation
•  Wiring space physically separate from mechanics
•  Dual-function emergency stop button and pull release


Whether it's a first-time installation or upgrade: PSENrope simplifies installation. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use thanks to rugged, hard-wearing metal or plastic housing.


  • Съответствие със стандарти

•  EN/IEC 62061
•  EN 60947-5-3
•  EN/IEC 61496-3


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  • Основни параметри:
Номинално напрежение  до 240 VAC
Работна температура - 25°C… + 70°C
Работна височина  0... 2000 m (6561.6 ft)
Сертификати на продукти  CE marking
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